NCAA tourney picks: Ricky Rubio vs. President Obama


Nothing says college basketball like Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio and President Barack Obama filling out their NCAA tournament brackets.

Obama, for a sixth-straight year, filled out his bracket with ESPN. The feature segment is widely popular every March. According to the Star Tribune, Rubio entered his picks during the Timberwolves' flight to Dallas on Tuesday.

Unlike many NBA players, Rubio didn't play college basketball. He began playing professionally overseas when he was 15-years-old. The main reason he fills out a bracket each year is to antagonize his teammates by picking against their alma maters.

“I like the games, I like the players when they are kind of fancy, too,” Rubio told the Star Tribune. “I always go against the guy who has his team. They have their own school and their own team and I just go against them. When UCLA plays, I go with the other team so I can talk bad with Kevin Love and all those guys who are from UCLA.”

During the tournament we're going to keep track of Rubio and President Obama's picks. When it's all said and done we'll find out who has a greater, or luckier, college hoops mind.

Rubio's Final Four teams are Florida, Iowa State, Creighton and Michigan. President Obama's Final Four picks are Florida, Michigan State, Arizona and Louisiville. Rubio picked Florida as the champion while the President took Michigan State.

President Obama's bracket selections were posted on The White House website. Here they are. Rubio released his bracket to the public via Twitter. See it here

President Obama's bracket: 

Ricky Rubio's bracket:

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