Cordarrelle Patterson: Call me 'Flash'

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The rookie has spoken.

Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, the third of three Vikings' first-round draft picks (No. 29 overall), would like to be known as "Flash."

We're presuming he's comparing himself to this guy, who runs at super-speed:

So how fast is Patterson, really?

According to, the No. 84 could be faster than the old No. 84, Randy Moss.

Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan is on board already, writing that Patterson has impressed just about everyone in Mankato: "In person, first-round draft pick Cordarrelle Patterson is just as fast as he looks on video, and bigger and stronger than you would have imagined."

As for his progress in Mankato, it looks like Patterson -- who already has logged a dandy one-handed catch -- has the inside track at being the starting kick returner to start the 2013 season.

According to head coach Leslie Frazier: "We’ve got a lot more football to go, but we like what we see so far."


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