Cordarrelle Patterson: 'I wake up every morning and just want to cry'

Cordarrelle Patterson can't stand how cold it is in Minnesota right now.

You clicked this story looking for an emotional tug at the heartstrings. Sorry, but Vikings do-it-all guy Cordarrelle Patterson is talking about the cold weather making him cry.

"I wake up every morning and just want to cry, you know – how cold it is," Patterson said Wednesday. "I've never experienced nothing this cold in my life, man. It's kind of brutal. I hate it, but you gotta deal with it."

Patterson was answering a question about how happy he is to be playing inside at U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday against the Colts while most of Minnesota will be experiencing air temperatures 20 below zero and wind chills much colder.

The forecast high temperature Sunday in Minneapolis is -5. The game-time temp was -6 in the Vikings-Seahawks playoff game last January and it went down as one of the all-time cold-weather games in NFL history.

"I think about that game all the time," Patterson said. "I'm glad they have warm benches. Just being back there and returning kicks - it was so cold I couldn't even think straight out there."

While the Vikings and Colts will enjoy the controlled environment of U.S. Bank Stadium, the Packers and Bears will be playing in face-melting cold in Chicago with a high of -3.

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