Could NFL ditch 'Thursday Night Football' for Tuesday night games?

The NFL's contract with CBS expires after this season.

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sage Rosenfels has an idea for the NFL: replace Thursday Night Football with games on Tuesday nights. 

Thursday games have been widely criticized for years, but the argument against playing them might have reached a boiling point after 12 players left this week's Seahawks-Cardinals game with injuries of varying severity, according to CBS Sports. 

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman ruptured his Achilles and is done for the season. 

Rosenfels believes Tuesday makes more sense than Thursday because players would get five days of rest before their next game (assuming they would play the following Sunday) compared to the four days they're getting between Sunday and Thursday. 

The other days of the week don't make sense because: 

  • Wednesday: middle of the week doesn't allow for proper rest.
  • Friday: reserved for high school football. 
  • Saturday: reserved for college football. 

Of course, Friday and Saturday don't make sense under the assumption that the NFL actually respects the visibility high school and college students currently receive.

According to Pro Football Talk, the absence of Thursday Night Football would chop about $7 million from every team's salary cap. That's an average of $132,000 per player, which former player Ross Tucker believes 98 percent of them would be OK with. 

What's more, according to Florio, is that broadcast rights for Thursday Night Football are up for grabs after this season. But with declining ratings and an expensive price tag ($45 million per game), there's no guarantee that CBS, FOX, NBC or any other network will be interested. 

Even without a broadcast partner, Thursday Night Football would still exist, just in the form of a limited number of games available on NFL Network, Florio says.

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