Could this be the greatest year in Minnesota sports history?

2003 was the last year we came close to all 5 pro teams making the playoffs.

Since the Minnesota Wild's expansion season in 2001, we've never experienced a year in which the Wild, Lynx, Timberwolves, Twins and Vikings all made the playoffs. 

There's a really good chance it happens this year. 

The Lynx and Twins have already made good with the Lynx winning the WNBA title and the Twins reaching the American League Wild Card. Now it's up to the Wild, Wolves and Vikings, and all of them should – at the very least – have a good shot at making the playoffs, or perhaps even making a deep run. 

We came close in 2003-04 with the Wild, Lynx, Twins and Timberwolves all making it, but the Vikings went 9-7 and missed out on a wild card by one game. And yes, that was the year the Cardinals beat the Vikings on the final play of the regular season. 

Potential pitfalls

Alas, something bad could happen to derail the Vikings, Wolves and Wild. It's happened before and it wouldn't shock anyone if it happens again. 

In fact, the Wild are already dealing with enough injuries to cloud high preseason expectations, but the Vikings should beat the Browns in London this week to go into the bye week at 6-2. But remember, they started 5-0 last year and finished 8-8. We're holding our breath on them. 

As for the Wolves, Sunday's Andrew Wiggins game-winner has them at 2-1 and showing signs of being a powerhouse in the Western Conference. But the West is loaded and even a really great regular season won't guarantee a spot in the playoffs. 

The U of M adds to the fun

What's even more exciting about the 2017-18 sports calendar is that it could also feature a bunch of success for the Golden Gophers. The football team is one win from becoming bowl eligible, both hockey teams should push for the postseason and the men's basketball team is a sure bet to be a top-25 team before playing a game. 

Enjoy it while it lasts, because history suggests years like this rarely come around. 

Other great years

1991 had the Twins win the World Series, but the 1991-92 North Stars missed the playoffs after reaching the Stanley Cup Final a season prior. The Wolves were still NBA infants and the Lynx didn't exist. 

1987 was highlighted by the Twins winning the World Series and the Vikings sneaking into the playoffs and going all the way to the NFC Championship Game. But the North Stars went 19-48-13 and finished dead last in the Norris Division. 

Then, of course, there were the four years the Vikings reached the Super Bowl (1969, 1973, 1974, 1976). In '69 the Twins won the division but were swept by the Orioles in the AL Championship Series. The Twins failed make the playoffs in '73, '74 or '76.

The 1996-97 sports year was fun thanks to the Gophers reaching the Final Four, but the Twins and Wolves were terrible and the North Stars were long gone to Dallas. 

1998 was awesome because of the 15-1 Vikings, but you know how that ended. 

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