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Crazy, Stupid, Sports: A new anti-Hooters sports bar for ladies


Hey ladies, this one's for you.

There isn't a bar like this in Minnesota that we can think of, but one man in New York wants to attract women to his brand new sports bar.

Here's the deal. Ken Sturm owns a bar in New York City called Campeón. It's a Mexican-themed bar featuring 36 flat-screen televisions, bright fuschia walls and Mexico City-style street cuisine, according to

“It’s highly stylized and geared towards women in that it’s not a typical Hooters-style bar that [is] overly masculine with the Guinness mirrors,” said owner Ken Sturm. “We did a softer design. We wanted to make it very inviting for women so that they don’t feel like they’re sitting in a men’s kind of club.”

Upon walking in, guests are met with a row of plush leather couches, chandeliers and mirrors shaped like suns. The bright pink walls are decorated with blue- and pink-patterned tiles, contrasting with dozens of TVs that on a recent afternoon were showing men's basketball games and the Olympics.

Deadspin's Erin Gloria Ryan doesn't believe women need a watering hole with "walls the color of a Barbie aisle and fancy sparkly chandeliers." In a very direct, and vulgar sort of way, she said women simply want women clean bathrooms.

No word from the watering hole on what types of sports they show on their televisions, so it's probably safe to assume they're trying to attract fans of all sports.

If we're missing any female sports bars like this in Minnesota let us know, but we certainly can't think of anything.

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