Crazy, Stupid, Sports: Kobe Bryant's lack of hair costs $800 to take care of

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Yes, that is a current picture of Kobe Bryant, aside from the fact that he is playing basketball in it, since he's essentially been out the entire year.

Nevertheless, the almost-completely-hairless Bryant apparently likes to take care of his hairless dome.

According to FOX Sports in an invoice obtained by TMZ, Bryant ran up a $750 grooming bill at a recent Nike photo shoot.

According to TMZ, Bryant doesn't wear makeup when on set, and according to anyone with eyes, Bryant doesn't have any hair on his head.

The outlets seem to think it's all been spent on head care products, though that seems like a lot considering his, umm, situation.

At least we can say this, he didn't stiff those taking care of him, as he threw a tip on the bill that brought the total cost to $833.75.

Imagine how much this hair would've cost to take care of.

Kobe's head isn't that big, imagine what it would cost to take care of Shaq's noggin.

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