Creditors say former Timberwolf Christian Laettner owes them $14 million

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The Minnesota Timberwolves used the third pick in the 1992 NBA Draft to select former Duke standout Christian Laettner.

He was taken only after Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Morning left the board. His career in the NBA lasted 13 years and he reportedly made around $65 million during his playing days.

So it's a little bit of a surprise to see that the former Duke legend is being sued by five creditors claiming Laettner owes them more than $14 million.

According to, one of his lawyers told the network that a recent $10 million payday could be potentially directed to pay those creditors.

A couple of professional athletes are among those claiming Laettner owes them money. Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart says Laettner owes him $3.6 million and former linebacker Ernest Sims claims Laettner owes him $1.5 million.

It's not the first time Laettner has run across some financial difficulty.

The Star Tribune notes that Laettner and his real estate firm – Blue Devil Ventures – also were ordered to pay back $2.5 million to former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen for failure to repay a loan made to help a futile attempt to buy the Memphis Grizzlies.

They were also ordered to pay back $3.7 million to former NFL player Shawne Merriman for a failed property investment.

Laettner, who played for the Wolves from 1992-96, has until July 19 to respond to the lawsuit.

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