Cris Carter says Sam Bradford has legs like Olive Oyl

Wait, he compared Bradford's legs to what now?
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Former Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter is clearly not a fan of Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford

Carter, who's a co-host of a show called First Things First on Fox Sports 1, did not hold back on his opinions on Sam Bradford's toughness. 

"I said Sam Bradford had legs like Olive Oyl, Olive Oyl called me and she's mad – cause her legs got more muscle tone than Sam Bradford's legs."


Earlier in the season, Carter apparently said Bradford is going to be the first player to end up with a career-ending bone bruise.

Although Bradford has undergone two ACL surgeries, clearly Carter and Wright feel Bradford isn't tough enough to be in the NFL.

Minnesota placed Bradford on injured reserve on Nov. 8 which could indicate his time with the Vikings is over.

Before taking the shot at Bradford, Carter went into a long rant that the Vikings have their leader back in Teddy Bridgewater.

"In talking to the coach, general manager and people that run that team, the true leader of that team is Teddy Bridgewater," said Carter. 

He went on to say that Bridgewater is the face of the franchise. "I don't think people understand that the real leader of the Vikings is coming back."

Case Keenum will be the starting quarterback on Sunday but Bridgewater will dress for the game, implying he could serve as the backup to Keenum.


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