Cris Carter suggests an Adrian Peterson trade is coming


Search far and wide for Adrian Peterson speculation and 99 percent of the results will point toward Peterson playing for the Vikings next season.

But there's a small fraction of the NFL world that thinks a trade of the former MVP is very possible, including ex-Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter.

“I’m under gag order on the Adrian Peterson situation, but I believe something’s gonna happen,” Carter said on ESPN radio today, via Pro Football Talk. “But I can’t talk about it.”

Pro Football Talk notes that Carter likely still has close ties to the organization, so his words could be an indication that the Vikings aren't as unlikely to trade Peterson as they've publicly stated.

Yahoo's Charles Robinson has been tuned into the speculation for months, and his sources tell him that it would take an "unreal" offer to get Spielman to pull the trigger.

Robinson said it's going to take more than a first-round pick to get Spielman to pull the trigger a Peterson trade because the Vikings still view him as a top-10 player in the NFL.

"They still view Adrian Peterson as a top-10 player in the NFL, and they don't want to take that away from Teddy Bridgewater," Robinson said, according to Arizona Sports 98.7.

As for Carter's source, KSTP's Darren Wolfson might have an answer:

The first round of the draft could get crazy tonight. Stay tuned.

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