Curry fined $25K for epic mouthguard toss that hit a fan (great video of it)

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Steph Curry will not be suspended for Game 7 of the NBA Finals, but he will forfeit a nice chunk of change for throwing his mouthguard and hitting a fan late in Game 6 Thursday night.

To be exact, he was fined $25,000.

Curry sort of lost his mind after he picked up his sixth foul late in the game. This is the best video you'll see of how Curry whipped his mouthguard right into the guy sitting in the front row.

Anyone who thinks Curry should have been suspended is flat out wrong. The NBA has a long history of simply fining players for throwing things into the stands. Check it out right here via SB Nation.

A lot of the talk has been about Warriors coach Steve Kerr's reaction to what he, and a lot of fans, thought were soft foul calls against Curry.

"He had every right to be upset," Kerr said of Curry after the game, via USA Today. "He's the MVP of the league, he gets six fouls called on him, three of them were absolutely ridiculous."

Game 7 is set for 7 p.m. central time on Sunday night at Golden State's Oracle Arena.

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