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Dallas newspaper: 'Adrian Peterson, come on down!'


"Adrian Peterson, come on down!"

That's part of the headline in a story in the Dallas Morning News tying the Vikings running back to the Cowboys after "America's Team" found a way to increase its cap space to $12.8 million, which is pretty darn close to the $12.75 million Peterson is due to make next season.

The columnist on the story is Tim Cowlishaw, who a lot of folks will recognize from ESPN's afternoon show "Around the Horns." Cowlishaw is fanning the speculative flames on a possible trade.

Beyond that, no one knows if this is really a 50-50 proposition or if Peterson landing in Dallas is no more than Jones' fantasy football dream. If the Cowboys are giving the Vikings indications they would be willing to take Peterson under the current contract terms, then we know they are deadly serious about making this happen.

At that point, it becomes an internal battle for the Vikings with Mike Zimmer, the longtime Dallas coordinator trying to succeed in his long-awaited head coaching opportunity, wanting to keep his best player while management tries to move beyond last year's ugliness in Minnesota.

Across town at the Star-Telegram, another writer says the extra spending money gives the Cowboys more flexibility to trade for Peterson, but it's not why quarterback Tony Romo's contract was restructured (the move that cleared extra cap space).

ESPN's Dallas contributor Todd Archer explains that Dallas had to restructure Romo's contract in order to pay newly signed defensive players Greg Hardy and Rolando McLain roster bonuses and base salaries. They also need room to pay rookies from the upcoming NFL Draft.

Archer says it's not impossible for the Cowboys to pay Peterson, but the running back might need to take less money.

CBS Sports adds that the Cowboys must have enough cap space to trade for Peterson at his current salary, which they do. If they acquire Peterson they could then restructure his contract to "decrease his cap number and/or salary."

Confused yet?

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