David Ortiz hit a home run with a broken wrist as a Twin, we miss him


While David Ortiz is hitting game-tying grand slams in the ALCS, the Minnesota Twins are sitting at home, already two weeks into their offseason.

To think, those game-tying grand slams could've been in a Twins' jersey.

As David continues on his drive to a a third World Series title, we continue to opine on what could've been, and what actually was.

Remember when Ortiz hit a home-run with a broken wrist? Yahoo! does.

Remember when the Twins released Ortiz after their 2002 run to the ALCS to clear cap room to sign something called Jose Morban for $50,000 in the Rule 5 draft? Pat Reusse does.

Remember when Ortiz was clutch on the Red Sox' 2004 and 2007 World Series runs, helping Boston dig themselves out of a 3-0 hole against New York in the ALCS in '04? The Washington Post does.

Remember when you found the nearest tall building after recalling all of these things?

No no no, don't do that. Try to remind yourself, as you watch Ortiz slug his way to what could be a Hall of Fame career, that Byron Buxton will be here soon, and the Twins would never let him go.

They wouldn't right? RIGHT?

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