David Ortiz pens amazing 'thank you' letter to Minnesota

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Thursday's series opener at Fenway Park between the Twins and Red Sox will start the final series David Ortiz plays against the team that gave him his first shot in the big leagues.

Ortiz has gotten a lot of flack for speaking his mind in the past about the Twins giving up on him before he adjusted to MLB pitching, but in The Players' Tribune he's offering nothing but thanks to the Twins and Minnesota baseball fans.

"This week is my last series with the Twins. So I want to thank the fans in Minnesota, because they were really good to me and my wife. My career didn’t work out the way I planned with the Twins, but I don’t have anything but love for the people there.

What was great about Minnesota was how nice everybody was to me during my time there. If we went out to a restaurant early on, when my English pronunciation wasn’t so great, everybody was super nice to me. Nobody ever made me feel like an outsider, and I’ll always appreciate that.

When I had that breakfast with Torii Hunter back in the day, we were two broke-ass ballplayers with a dream. The Twins made those dreams come true, and I got to see Sammy Sosa chase after my double.

If it all ended there, I still would have been happy.

Thank you, Minnesota.

Appreciate you,

Big Papi"


Ortiz's letter is much longer, but that's the short portion in which he thanks Minnesota. Check out the full article for some amazing stories about what it was like for him growing up in the minor leagues as a Dominican who could barely speak English.

The Twins honored Ortiz in June when he visited Target Field for the last time. Read more about that right here.

Ortiz plans on retiring after the season.

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