Dayton hopes to release stadium plan Nov. 7

The governor is asking the team, local leaders and others to get him the details that he needs to get a proposal on the table in early November, about two weeks before a proposed special session.
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The governor is asking the Vikings, Ramsey County leaders and others to get him the information that he needs to put a proposal on the table by Nov. 7, reports Don Davis with Forum Communications.

Dayton says, without a deal, there is a "very real possibility" Minnesota will lose the team.

The governor has spent the week meeting with the team, local leaders and other interested parties, including a group trying to get a casino in Block E in downtown Minneapolis. The group told Dayton, essentially, help us build a casino and we'll help you build a stadium.

NBC Sports says Dayton has come out in favor of the Arden Hills site. But the governor says Minneapolis is Option B, and that he'd prefer to see the Vikes play there than in Los Angeles.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak might have something to say about that. Fox 9 reports the mayor wants to meet with the governor, possibly as soon as this Friday.

Local blogger Ed Kohler has posted morethan a few in-depth, number-crunching columns on the stadium issue. His latest looks back over the decades and concludes: Public subsidies are driving stadium costs into the stratosphere.

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Dayton cancels plan for stadium special session

First the local sales tax plan went out the window. Now a pre-Thanksgiving special legislative session bites the dust. The governor says lawmakers opposed a special meeting, preferring to deal with the stadium question in their regular 2012 session.

Dayton sets January 12th deadline for stadium plans

Minneapolis and Ramsey County must have their Vikings stadium plans complete by next week. WCCO reports Governor Mark Dayton wants the fully developed proposals on his desk including financing and advantages one site has over another.

Dayton now calls new GOP stadium plan "worth considering"

In one day Governor Dayton's opinion of the new Republican stadium proposal shifted from a "hare-brained scheme" to an idea "worth considering." Dayton says he wants to find a solution to the Vikings stadium issue. Republicans, meanwhile, are still working to fill in the blanks on their plan while also convincing DFLers and the Vikings that it's viable. All this after lawmakers had hoped to adjourn.

With stadium proposals in, next move will be Dayton's

Stadium proposals landed on Mark Dayton's desk Thursday and the governor says he may pick a favorite next week. Minneapolis promised to kick in $6.5 million per year if the Vikings choose to stay in the city. Ramsey County, meanwhile, hiked its contribution to an Arden Hills site by another $75 million and boosted the total price tag over $1.1 billion by including road improvements.

Dayton: All current stadium plans have serious drawbacks

Gov. Mark Dayton says given obstacles to financing the Arden Hills stadium plan, the Minneapolis proposal near the Basilica of St. Mary is the most viable. He says the current Metrodome site should also be in the mix. He faults the legislature for hindering Ramsey County's attempts to pass a sales tax to fund the Arden Hills site.

Dayton says he's pushing for Vikings stadium to be built in Arden Hills

Dayton says he's pushing for the proposed $1 billion stadium to be built in Arden Hills and will have a plan ready on how the state will raise its $300 million share of the bill within the next two weeks. Dayton says he’ll then call a special legislative session by the end of November for lawmakers to vote on the plan.