Dayton on seat fees: 'Not every card was face up' during stadium negotiations

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Gov. Mark Dayton is not backing down on his vow to fight the Vikings over seat licensing fees at the new stadium, the Associated Press reports.

Dayton says the team was not forthright about hefty personal seat license (PSL) charges during stadium negotiations.

"The legislation is 70 pages long, but it didn't cover every detail, and not every card was face up on the table," Dayton tells MPR.

On Tuesday, Dayton wrote a harsh letter to Vikings owners that he strongly opposes asking season ticket holders to pay PSL fees, but the Viking contend the "stadium builder licenses" are a key part of the legislation that Dayton signed.

The Star Tribune says 17 of the NFL's 32 franchises charge for PSLs. The Dallas Cowboys charge as much as $150,000 a seat. The Vikings survey to season-ticket holders suggests keeping two season tickets on the 50-yard line could cost $20,000.

Dayton says he's hopeful the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority would block overly extensive charges. He tells MPR he is not planning to reopen legislation.

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Gov. Mark Dayton says he'll fight any effort by the Vikings to charge fans extra fees and threatens to undo the stadium deal. In a letter to Vikings' owners Zygi and Mark Wilf, Dayton says he strongly opposes asking season ticket holders to pay the "NFL Team/Private Contribution" for construction costs.

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Minnesota Vikings season ticket holders recently received an e-mail survey from the team, asking if they would be willing to pay significant sums to secure the best seats in the new downtown stadium. The Star Tribune reports that selling personal seat licenses is one option the team is contemplating to raise cash. The Vikings' share of the construction cost is put at $975 million.