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Stadium bill gaining steam as Dayton, Republicans meet

The governor says he and Republicans will work together to shape a stadium bill. The Associated Press reports a stadium would likely be funded through gambling revenue.
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The stadium bill could be back on track. WCCO is reporting that Gov. Dayton met privately with GOP leaders Thursday morning. He says they're ready to work together to get a formal proposal on the table. A stadium would likely be funded through new gambling revenue. Dayton says he'll call a special session if the House and Senate can agree on a plan.

But GOP house leader Kurt Zellers tells WCCO's Pat Kessler that he still wants to hold off on a stadium bill until the regular session next year.

The news comes just a day after the governor scrapped plans to call a special session. Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley warned that putting a bill off until the regular session would leave the team operating without a lease and raise costs.

The governor and legislators on Wednesday announced there was not enough support to raise sales taxes without a public vote. Many stadium backers have said such a referendum would likely doom the stadium.

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Dayton optimistic Vikings stadium bill will pass

The governor plans to spend his weekend persuading lawmakers to vote in favor of the stadium proposal next week. Gov. Mark Dayton told the Pioneer Press he predicts both chambers of the Legislature will approve the bill by a single vote. He said, "I've always thought it would pass by one vote."

Vikings stadium passes Senate, awaits Governor Dayton's signature

The Vikings stadium bill passed through the House and Senate on Thursday. The final proposal raises the Vikings contribution to $477 million of the $975 million stadium. The state would provide $348 million and the City of Minneapolis would fund $150 million. The lengthy debate left state officials fatigued and Viking fans emotional.

Goodell, Rooney to meet with lawmakers to discuss Vikings stadium

Governor Dayton and state lawmakers will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Steelers owner Art Rooney, chair of the league's stadium committee, today. Dayton says the NFL has "serious concerns" about the "viability" and "future" of the Vikings in Minnesota if a stadium bill isn't passed this legislative session.