Minnesota Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit blocking stadium bond sale

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Just hours after Gov. Mark Dayton announced that the Vikings stadium project was in jeopardy, the Minnesota Supreme Court tossed out a lawsuit that was delaying a major chunk of financing.

The scheduled sale of $468 million in state-issued bonds was put on hold last week after three Minneapolis residents filed suit on Jan. 10.

The plaintiffs -- former mayoral candidate and unemployed nurse Douglas Mann and his wife, Linda; and former city School Board member David Tilsen -- claimed the bond sale is unconstitutional because the city should have held a referendum before committing sales tax revenue to repaying the bonds.

The court's decision clears the obstacle, though it's unclear when the sale will be rescheduled, the Pioneer Press reports. Minnesota Public Radio has the high court's five-page order here.

Earlier Tuesday, Dayton warned if the financing for the project was delayed much longer, "the whole thing could collapse."

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