DePaul knocks Gopher women's basketball team out in first round of NCAA tourney

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The Gopher women's basketball season came to an end when DePaul knocked Minnesota out of the first round of the NCAA tournament 79-72 Friday in South Bend, Ind.

It was the Gophers first trip to the NCAA tournament in six seasons and the first tournament appearance for Gophers Coach Marlene Stollings, according to Gopher Sports.

Amanda Zahui B. hit her 24th double-double of the season, with 22 rebounds and 21 points. Her rebounds marked a the second-highest in a NCAA tournament and program record for single-game rebounds. Zahui was named a 2015 Naismith Trophy finalist earlier Friday.

Shae Kelley earned 17 points, freshman Carlie Jo Wagner put up 14 points and Shayne Mullaney had 11.

The Gophers had the upperhand going into halftime, leading 41-30. They were up 15 points with more than 15 minutes left on the clock, but DePaul mounted a 19-2 run to take over the lead with 10:10 left in the game. The Gophers couldn't regain the lead.

The Gophers ended their season 23-10 overall, with the most wins since their 2004-2005 season.

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