Despite debut Cleveland's not second-guessing Carson Wentz decision


Carson Wentz has officially arrived.

Whether it's being name dropped by the President of the United States or beating some of the NFL's top stars in jersey sales, it seems almost everyone loves the former NDSU standout.

According to ESPN, Wentz's jersey was the biggest seller last week. His Eagles No. 11 outsold superstars Odell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady and Pittsbugh's Antonio Brown.

Additionally, Wentz's rating from Pro Football Focus was the highest passing grade by a rookie quarterback since Cam Newton in 2011.

Like we said ALMOST everyone is impressed by what they saw from the Bismarck native.

Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson, who passed on Wentz and got a first-hand look at him from the opposite sideline on Sunday, wasn't about to admit that he's having second thoughts.

It was the quarterback-starving Browns, who traded the No. 2 overall pick to Philadelphia so the Eagles could select him.

"No, we haven't [second-guessed]," Jackson told "That's one thing I can tell you for sure has not happened. He had a good game, a great game if you guys want to term it that, and I respect that. He's a fine young man and they have good coaches and a good organization, and he is going to do well for them, but that was one game. He played well. Like I said, we'll look back and see where he is over a period of time, but the Browns have to get better. That's what we have to do. We have to play better, and I think we all understand that."

Who's to say if Jackson is telling the truth? Cleveland did receive a bunch of picks from Philadelphia for that No. 2 pick. But this is also the same franchise that has been searching for a quarterback since it returned from obilvion in 1999.

In that time the Browns have gone through 25 different starting quarterbacks. To make matters worse, the man they hoped would solidify the position – Robert Griffin III – is now on injured reserve.

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