Dickerson on stopping Peterson: 'Constantly hit him, hit him, hit him'


This is a must-read from Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times comparing Adrian Peterson to Eric Dickerson.

Peterson fell nine yards shy last season of breaking Dickerson's single-season NFL rushing record of 2,105 yards. Dickerson wants to keep that all-time rushing record, so, naturally, he has an idea how to slow down the MVP.

"He's going to see a lot of eight- and nine-man fronts," Dickerson said of Peterson. "Because they're going to dare (quarterback Christian) Ponder to throw the football. They're going to stack the line of scrimmage. If I'm a defensive coordinator, my thing would be, 'OK, I want you to hit him all the way to the ground. Punish him.' That's what they do.

"The kind of runner Adrian is, he won't back down from that. But that's how you try to get to a back, frustrate him with the fronts, and just constantly hit him, hit him, hit him."

During the summer Dickerson gave Peterson a surprise phone call. Check it out in the video below.

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