Did umpires cost Twins a 9th-inning rally?

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First of all, let's be clear: Jered Weaver shut down the Twins yesterday ... no runs, two hits through eight innings.

But: Mike Pelfrey and Anthony Swarzak were pretty effective as well, holding the Los Angeles Angels to one run through eight innings.

Then came the top of the ninth. Two on, nobody out. Justin Morneau hits a weak pop-up to relief pitcher Ernesto Frieri, who allegedly lets it drop ... and then turns a double play. After Chris Herrmann strikes out, the game is over.

Why wasn't the infield fly rule called, a rule which would have protected the runners? According to Ron Gardenhire, via FSN.com, the umpires didn't think Frieri was camped under the ball.

Really? Take a look at this screen grab from the game. Frieri was a half-step away, and let the ball drop in front of him:

The play is also part of this MLB.com highlights video clip, which shows it in real time.

"There’s a reason why he wasn’t camped underneath it," Gardenhire said, “because he was going to let it fall."

The Angels, who escaped with a win, naturally defended the call.

"I don't think it was a gray area, but it was close," said Angels catcher Chris Iannetta. "The ball really wasn't that high."

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