Donald Trump wins the popular vote ... with bobbleheads


The numbers for the official minor league baseball bobblehead election are in, and Donald Trump is the winner.

As minor league fans made their way into recent St. Paul Saints, Charleston RiverDogs, and Hudson Valley Renegades games, they also participated in the Goldklang Group Bobblection.

How does the Bobblection work?

Well as fans entered the gates for their game, they were asked to "cast their vote" by choosing between two bobbleheads: a Hillary Clinton one and a Donald Trump one.

According to the Saints, Trump came out victorious in all three parks, nabbing 62 and 65 percent of the bobble votes in Charleston and Hudson Valley respectively.

Wednesday in St. Paul, things were closer but the Republican candidate still won with 55 percent.

There were even mascots at the St. Paul "precinct."

The Saints say teams from Ohio, North Carolina and New Jersey will also get in on the bobblehead voting in the coming weeks.

The Bobblection is 2 for 3

The Bobblection started in 2004 and has accurately predicted two presidential races.

In 2004, it predicted George W. Bush would win over John Kerry.

And in 2008, the bobblehead vote predicted Barack Obama would defeat John McCain.

The last election was off though. The Bobblection predicted Mitt Romney would win over Obama.

Most polls show Clinton ahead of Trump right now though, with Clinton at 42.3 percent and Trump at 37.8 percent.

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