Down the middle: Must-see Tweet of Blair Walsh kicking in U.S. Bank Stadium

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It's ok, you can watch it. We know, it's still painful, but the Minnesota Vikings won't have to do anything like that for the foreseeable future.

The lasting image of the Vikings two years at TCF Bank Stadium will forever be Blair Walsh hooking the 27-yard field goal that cost them their NFC Wildcard playoff game against the Seahawks.

So it's only fitting that Walsh would be one of the first images of the Minnesota Vikings working out inside of their new U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

While we don't know if Walsh made the kick, the Star Tribune points out that he's been much more reliable inside of domes or retractable roof stadiums, than he has been outside.

Walsh is 55-for-62 (88.7 percent) when kicking indoors. He's just 66-of-80 (82.5 percent) when kicking outdoors.

That could do wonders for a kicker's confidence, whether the laces are pointed in or out.

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