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Dr. James Andrews: Adrian Peterson 'has defied all odds'


Dr. James Andrews, the famous surgeon that operated on Adrian Peterson's knee last year, tells the Pioneer Press that Peterson "has defied all odds." Andrews noted that only "a little over 50 percent" of NFL players are still playing after two years following ACL surgery. He also said players are usually better the second year after the surgery, so Peterson "may be better next year than this year."

Dickerson told the Pioneer Press that Adrian Peterson is one of a handful of truly great players in the NFL today. He says Adrian "should definitely be the MVP of the league." He also took a shot at the Packers defensive backs, saying they were "chicken" and they didn't want any of the contact Peterson was giving them.

Peterson can still chase Dickerson down in another category. Dickerson holds the NFL’s single-game postseason rushing record of 248 yards. AP is averaging 204.5 yards in two games against Green Bay this season.

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