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Duck Duck Gray Ducks lose to Duck Duck Goose

Does the loss settle the age-old debate?

The St. Paul Saints may have lost the game last night, but they won the hearts of fans with some new, very Minnesotan uniforms.

Making good on an April Fool's joke, the Saints changed their name – for one night only – to the Duck Duck Gray Ducks.

Obviously that meant their opponent, the Cleburne Railroaders, had to go by Duck Duck Goose.

"What started as an April Fools’ joke when the Saints promised to change their name during all 50 games in 2017, turned into a vote by fans for a name change during one game this season," a press release explains.

The Saints say Duck Duck Gray Ducks won the fans' votes by a landslide.

And judging by the responses on social media, the jerseys were a big hit. A lot of people were asking if they'd be for sale. 

Jerseys worn during the game were auctioned off to fans. But you can still score a lookalike t-shirt from the Saints' website.

Sadly, the Duck Duck Gray Ducks fell to Duck Duck Goose in game two, 5-1. The loss drops the Saints to 43-42 with 15 games left in the season.

But any true Minnesotan will still stand by the notion that the rest of the country is playing the game wrong.

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