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Eagles fans tear apart Philadelphia after Super Bowl win

Collapsing hotel awnings, pulling down traffic lights, eating horse poop? Things got real in Philly.

Crushed by their loss to the Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles fans went on the rampage in their own city, causing mayhem on the streets.

*Checks final score* Wait, what was that? They won? Oh right yes. The Eagles won and still their fans tore apart their own city.

As the New York Times reports, things in Philly actually started out pretty peacefully as Eagles fans gathered to celebrate their momentous 41-33 victory over New England to claim their first ever Super Bowl.

But then things took a turn for the worse, and we're not just talking climbing lamp posts (though there was plenty of that).

A group of fans pulled down traffic lights, set fires, smashed windows, climbed on the roofs of garbage trucks, rolled cars, pushed over concrete planters and flooded city hall where they held a keg party

Oh and then this happened to the awning of the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

A trending hashtag on Sunday night was #phillypolicescanner, as America became briefly obsessed with listening to Philadelphia police talking about what they were seeing in downtown Philly.

Considering there were few reports of similar celebrations in Minneapolis, it sounds like the Eagles kept their worst fans at home ... either that or it was too damn cold to riot.

Check out some of the tweets from Philadelphia.

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