Emotional Cris Carter recalls most important day of his life


(Photo credit: Getty Images from Vikings.com)

Hall of Famer Cris Carter held a press conference at the Vikings' Winter Park practice facility on Thursday to discuss his path to Canton.

Carter didn't want to spend time talking about his 1,101 career receptions or 130 touchdowns. Instead, he chose to thank the people who helped him overcome substance abuse and maximize his amazing talent.

The day Carter focused on was September 19, 1990 -- the most important day of his life. That was the day his counseler, Betty Triliegi, issued him a challenge to avoid alcohol for one week.

He accepted the challenge and says he hasn't had a drink since. Carter said he's “forever indebted to the Vikings Organization."

This is a pretty good YouTube clip of Carter's journey from bust to one of the best.

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