Eric Dickerson pulling for AP to break his record


Vikings fans won't be the only ones cheering on Adrian Peterson as he runs for the single-season rushing record. The previous record holder is also on board.

Reprinting a story from the Orange County Register, the Pioneer Press had an update from Eric Dickerson, who set the record in 1984, when he carried 379 times in 16 games and produced 2,105 yards while wearing a Rams Jersey. Dickerson broke a record previously held by O.J. Simpson.

"If it (the record) is broken, I'll be happy for Adrian," Dickerson said. "He finishes runs. He's got it all."

Dickerson retired in 1993. He worked in broadcasting for a time, and now lives in California with his family. The Hall of Fame member remains the No. 7 rusher in NFL history.

Dickerson can also give Peterson an idea of how the years will treat him after the punishment of a career in the NFL.

"I can still feel most of those hits," Dickerson said. "I've been having trouble with my back for years."

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