Despite Bishop rumors, Henderson confident he'll start at MLB


Despire the Vikings reaching out to linebacker Desmond Bishop on the same day he was released by the Packers, Erin Henderson still believes he'll be the starting middle linebacker for the 2013 Vikings.

Henderson went as far as to say he would welcome Bishop with "open arms," but adamantly stated, "I'm playing the 'mike' (middle linebacker)."

When asked if he would be disappointed if Bishop was signed by the Vikings to start in the middle, Henderson told the Star Tribune that he doesn't want to think about anything other than what's in front of him right now.

"I have a chance to play 'mike' now, I don’t see why I would let it slip out of my hands or let it go any other way. So, that’s what my mindset is and that’s what I’m thinking.”

Head coach Leslie Frazier didn't want to "verify" any reports of the Vikings bringing Bishop in for a workout, but he did speak highly of the transition Henderson is making from outside linebacker to inside.

"I think he’s shown more command of the defensive huddle than we expected early on. You can see that he has a lot of control and the guys really respect everything he’s trying to get done."

Meanwhile, Bishop is on his way to workout for the Kansas City Chiefs on Wednesday and Thursday, according to ESPN.

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