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ESPN: Bud Grant 15th on 'greatest coaches' list


Calling him a "model of consistency," ESPN puts Bud Grant at No. 15 on their list of the "Greatest Coaches in NFL History."

The network is putting together a Top 20 list, as it counts down to the 100th anniversary of Vince Lombardi's birth on June 11. That in itself presumes the Packers coach will come in at No. 1. (But we're still pulling for Denny Green.)

Last week, former Gopher Tony Dungy was selected at No. 20.

As for Bud, ESPN gave him the nod at No. 15 for creating a "winning legacy despite falling short of ultimate prize."

Had he won a Super Bowl or two would he have moved up the list? Certainly.

Had he never make it to the big game would he be on this list at all? It's doubtful.

Not that Bud would care, either way.

As Paul Krause pointed out in a companion piece on "Bud also knew how to enjoy life. He would go hunting with the guys. When we went to training camp, we'd have bocce ball tournaments, and he would be my teammate. I know he liked that because he made good money with me as his partner. But that's also one more example of how football wasn't everything for Bud. It was about building a person and having a family"

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