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ESPN: Vikings zip up best uniform list


OK, let's review.

On Monday, ESPN said the Twins had the 24th worst uniforms of all 30 MLB teams.

On Tuesday, ESPN said the Timberwolves had the 29th worst uniforms of all 30 NBA teams.

Today, it's time for the NFL "Uni Watch Power Rankings."

And ... the Vikings get a bit more respect than the Twins and Wolves.

Survey says: Minnesota is 17th of 32 on the best-dressed list.

Silver lining: Compared to last year, Minnesota jumped 14 spots.

But, author Paul Lukas still isn't blown away by the brand-new Nike uniforms this year.

In his words: "The odd sleeve stripes and asymmetrical pants stripes, the weird numbering system, the matte helmet that doesn't appear to match the jersey -- all of this is unnecessary."

Let's take a look:

Of course, we do protest the fact that the Vikings were bested by uniforms worn by the New York Giants (No. 15):

And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 11):

Topping the list? NFC North Division old-timers, Chicago and Green Bay. No arguments here.

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