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ESPN: Wolves jerseys worse than on-court product


The final scores aren't the only thing ugly about the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to ESPN, the old adage "look good while you do it" has skipped over head coach Rick Adelman's bunch.

ESPN, in their tremendously popular Uni Watch, have ranked the Timberpups 29 of 30 in jersey fashion sense. The only team to fall below Minnesota in the cellar? The atrocious Sacramento Kings and their barney-like purple unis.

If you thought the Wolves were bad on the court, this uniform list would make you feel good about their results last year. Minnesota actually finished 21st in the league in terms of record in 2012-13, so this finish dwarfs the amount of futility the Wolves feel when they are actually playing basketball.

We feel, however, this is a bit harsh on the Wolves and their blue, white, and black new school unis.

How do the terrible blue-on-blue of the Bobcats (27th) finish above our beloved Target Center dwellers?

What about the newly re-branded New Orleans Pelicans (22nd)? These haven't even seen the court yet and finish above K-Love and Co.'s wardrobe?

The Wolves get no respect, story of their lives.

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