ESPN's Jon Gruden believes a rookie will make more of an impact than Adrian Peterson

The ESPN analyst believes Peterson won't be a difference-maker for the Saints.

Over 100 yards and a couple touchdowns, all while ripping up his former teammates? 

Not so fast, says ESPN's Jon Gruden.

The former NFL coach joined the Dunc N Holder show in New Orleans on Wednesday, and he believes that Adrian Peterson will be a non-factor in Week 1 against the Vikings.

“I’m not even sure how New Orleans will even use Adrian Peterson," said Gruden. "The most impressive back I saw in New Orleans this offseason was a rookie out of Tennessee.”

Gruden is referring to Alvin Kamara, who was the Saints' third-round pick in the NFL Draft in May. 

“This is not a game that you can go out and say, 'Hey, let’s give it to Adrian.' They've got to give Kamara the ball. Because he’s a great receiving back; he’s dynamic in open field.”

Yeah, Gruden believes a rookie will make more of an impact than Peterson.

Kamera is the third-string running back, according to the team's depth chart. And before you write Gruden off for this crazy take, he makes a very good point.

Sean Payton, head coach of the Saints, is notorious for using a variety of tailbacks – especially ones that can catch the ball out of the backfield. 

Which is something that Peterson has never been known for.

Also, the Saints are not a team that likes to run the ball as they're led by quarterback Drew Brees.

The fact New Orleans even signed Peterson in the offseason was a bit strange considering fellow tailback Mark Ingram had a career season last year.

Gruden pointed out that it's imperative the Saints get off to a hot start because they have to host the New England Patriots in Week 2.

So if you're thinking the Saints will abandon their game plan, just so Peterson can stick it his former team, you're probably on the outside looking in.

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