EuroBasket2013: Saunders likes Rubio's progression

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In case you were worried that we wouldn't have a story on EuroBasket 2013 on Ricky Rubio's off day, never fear, your European Championships headquarters that is Bring Me The News is hitting you from all angles, even when Ricky is resting.

We've lauded Rubio's performances since the open of play on September 4, while also pointing out when he's been rather absent for Spain, featuring three 2-7 performances from the field.

How much does our opinion count in the grand scheme of our adorable point guard's career? ZERO.

A man that does matter to Rubio and the Wolves faithful is President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders, who has enjoyed seeing Rubio's game evolve throughout the tournament.

To Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press: “What I like about him is, his game continues to get better and better right now in the heat of the tournament.”

Good to hear, maybe we should shut up with our roller coaster of emotions with Rubio's play. To make it up to him and you, here's a video of his beautiful skills from yesterday.

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