Even after 5 win season, chances are Gophers will be 'bowling'

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After a 5-7 regular season to say everyone is excited about the prospects of the Minnesota Gophers playing in a postseason bowl game wouldn't be anywhere near the truth.

While several in the media have been critical of the Gophers making a bowl game, those inside the program would welcome the opportunity and it looks like the chances Minnesota makes it are a virtual certainty.

FOX Sports projects the Gophers are headed for Detroit to play in the Quick Lane Bowl at Ford Field against Central Michigan. While the Big Ten Network thinks Minnesota is bound for the "Big Apple" to play in the Pinstripe Bowl against North Carolina State.

Still have doubts?

According to the Star Tribune, four things would need to occur for Minnesota not to make a bowl game – here is what they are.

  1. Georgia State, a 21-point underdog would have to beat Georgia Southern
  2. Kansas State, a 5.5 point underdog would need to beat West Virginia
  3. South Alabama, an 18-point underdog would need to beat Appalachain State.
  4. A bowl committee would have to choose San Jose State instead of Minnesota.

Here is why it will happen.

There are 80 spots available in the 40 bowl games, but there are not enough six-win teams to fill those spots. So even if all three of those aforementioned teams win there are still two spots.

The remaining spots will be filled by 5-7 teams with the highest Academic Progress Report grades. Nebraska leads that APR list, so they will get a spot and Minnesota is tied for fourth on the list with San Jose State so at least one of those teams is likely to get invited, most likely both.

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