EVEN MORE Minnesota Twins self-loathing: Danny Valencia majors best hitter since Aug. 4

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OK, we promise after this final former Minnesota Twins update, we'll move on to loving our teams again.

This one though, this one is too good to pass up.

Give former Twins infielder Danny Valencia's last month-plus a look. Granted, he isn't getting everyday at-bats, although speculation that he will is becoming more and more rampant after the stretch of play he's been on, but what he's done with the ones he has is other worldly.

By the way, he's also clutch all of a sudden. His last six home runs have either tied a game the Orioles were trailing or given them the lead, according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.com. Here's the one last night that sparked all the hubbub around his play of late.

Here's the other former Twin, JJ Hardy, who has re-ignited his career in Baltimore, this from two nights ago.

Finally, here's what Valencia received a week ago today after knocking in two and going yard in a Baltimore win.

The Twins have a dog in each fight in the NL and AL, hooray for Twins East Orioles and Twins East Pirates.

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