Everybody loves a winner: What they're saying about the Lynx


It might be a little early to crack the champagne, but it's never too late to get on a good bandwagon with a winning team - and the Lynx are offering the closest thing to a bandwagon around here since since ol' number 4 quarterbacked the Vikings.

In other words, everyone loves the Lynx.

So while the WNBA doesn't quite merit the ink that other sports leagues get in the sports pages, everyone is finally catching on to this whole championship thing.

Let's start with Star Tribune scribe Jim Souhan, who has this to offer: "With their 88-63 victory on Tuesday night at Target Center, the Lynx affirmed their status as the best team in the league by far, and with one more victory they will establish themselves as one of the best teams in league history."

Here's a counterpart of sorts from across the river, Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press: "The universe is close to being back in harmony. The forces of nature are almost in balance. The Lynx clobbered the Atlanta Dream for the second straight time Tuesday night. They are one victory away from a WNBA title that somehow, some way, eluded them last season. It doesn't look as if that will happen again."

"It's not over -- far from it, Lynx and Dream players want you to believe -- yet Minnesota couldn't fly down to Georgia on Wednesday with a more convincing 2-0 lead," offers Phil Ervin of Fox Sports North.

Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune finds this heartening nugget: "A total of 391,000 viewers watched the Lynx beat the Dream 84-59. That was a 14 percent increase over the 343,000 who watched last year’s series opener between the Lynx and Indiana. [Coach Cheryl] Reeve thinks social networking has a lot to do with it."

The Star Tribune's Michael Rand has this epiphany: "It's hard to believe now, but it's true. The one team in town now that is a consistent winner -- and one of the few that we can remember in any sport in Minnesota history that consistently just looks better than its opponent -- used to be pretty awful."

ESPN writes that Seimone Augustus is trying to shake that monkey off her back after last year's finals lost: "So far that's exactly how it has gone down, with the Lynx earning a pair of 25-point home victories to take what might prove to be an insurmountable lead in the best-of-five series against the Dream."

So, do the Dream have a chance of evening the series Thursday, or will the lights go out in Georgia? Let's leave the last word to ESPN analyst Carolyn Peck, who says in this clip, "The way Minnesota is playing, I think this series is over":

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