Ex-Badger Kaminsky takes a cheap shot at Gophers on Twitter

Frank Kaminsky isn't playing nice on Twitter.

Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky took a cheap shot at the Gophers after a Gophers fan account on Twitter took a cheap shot at him.

It started with Kaminsky tweeting about poor officiating during the Final Four Saturday night, to which Gopher Hole jumped at the chance for a low blow: "Frank Kaminsky still complaining about the refs...what else is new".

Kaminsky fired back: "Gophers fan account finding something to tweet about since they aren't good... what else is new".

In fairness to Gopher Hole, Kaminsky has tweeted a complaint about officiating three times in the last two weeks.

Kaminsky also took a shot at the Gophers when they got a 5-seed and Wisconsin got an 8-seed for the NCAA Tournament on Selection Sunday.

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