Ex-Twin Torii Hunter pokes fun at LeBron with bedroom joke

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The cramps that locked LeBron James up for the final seven minutes of Game 1 of the NBA Finals already seems like ancient history, but the debate about whether other superstar athletes could have played through the severe pain continues.

Even former Minnesota Twins fan favorite Torii Hunter was asked about cramping up, but his response was calculated, and way off the beaten path.

Fair warning on this one, if you work in a respectable place with respectable people who don't like a little pillow talk, you're probably going to want to plug in the headphones for this video.

Pillow talk? Ok, you got us. Torii Hunter made a bedroom joke during an interview with Jim Rome, and it's pretty darn funny.

“I’ve been there before, especially playing football in high school and after the game you’re on the bus and you catch a cramp and you can’t move,” Hunter said, via the New York Post. “But I can tell you this, I made love to my wife the other night and I caught a cramp in my hamstring. I actually put my leg out and kept performing. So there’s no excuse.”

Hunter, who now plays for the Detroit Tigers, is hitting .263 with nine home runs and 33 RBIs this season.

The Detroit Free Press said "this is about as Torii Hunter as Torii Hunter gets."

Hunter played 11 seasons with the Twins (1997-2007), where he hit .271 with 192 home runs and 711 RBIs. He's also a nine-time Gold Glove winner, seven of which came while roaming centerfield at the Metrodome.

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