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Ex-Vikings coach Mike Tice hopes to return in 2014


Fomer Vikings head coach Mike Tice is taking a breather.

He's told both the Pioneer Press and the Chicago Tribune that he'll sit out the 2013 season, while living in his Seattle home.

Tice was fired this off-season as the Chicago Bears offensive line coach, but he was under contract so he won't go without a regular paycheck this season.

Next year, however, is a different story, as Tice hopes to coach somewhere in 2014.

"Some of us got jobs (in 2013) and some of us are sitting out," Tice told Pioneer Press reporter Bob Sansevere. "There were a few things that came up but those jobs got filled up by ... younger coaches. I joined the Y. I'm trying to look young."

Tice, 54, says he has no interest in coaching at the college level.

"I would love to be an offensive line coach moving forward,'' Tice told the Chicago Tribune. "My aspirations of being a head coach are not going to drive me. What's going to drive me is working with a group of guys and developing an offensive line. That is where my energy, my enthusiasm is."

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