Fan Appreciation? Not on Twins' Facebook account

What do Twins fans think of "Fan Appreciation Weekend" at Target Field? Here's just one comment from the team's Facebook account: "I think they should give away free beer for the rest of the year. In hopes it would dull the pain of the rusty dull blade being wrenched into our bleeding hearts." Click here for more venom from surly fans.

It’s “Fan Appreciation Weekend” at Target Field as the Minnesota Twins entertain the Cleveland Indians in a three-game series.

Yep, we know there’s a White Elephant in the room. Appreciate what? Last place? A season of disappointment?

Well, no one knows the ire of Twins fans more than the Twins themselves. We’ve compiled a list of Facebook comments from the Twins’ account, which announced this weekends’ festivities.

In no particular order, here are the most entertaining posts:

Katsuhiko Katsuragi Show me appreciation by trading Morneau and getting rid of Nishioka and bring in Albert Pujols and Jimmy Rollins.

Sandi Molloy No leadership,no accountability,no heart,and you expect us fans to support that? Not sure what world you live in...but if I had that attitude at work I would not be there very long.....

Marc Michael DeRosia I'm a life long Twins fan but I gotta say this.Minnesota Twins,Thank You for the major disappointment this season. I will NOT renew my season tickets until you fire and blackball Bill Smith. And to Joe Mauer yes you were injured this year. But you are the STAR player here and yes maybe you have an OK batting averge this season. But it's the STAR's job to make things happen and you FAILED miserably.And the Twins got no value out of your 23 million dollar salary this year. Joe bottom line you let me down and all the other Twins fans. :(

Adam Jukua Does this mean that this weekend the twins will actually try to win a game?

Brad Bieraugel How about appreciating the fans by actually signing a few power hitting vets next year and winning a playoff series, or getting rid of the country club atmosphere and getting better management.

Will Heiser Wow. I know they are a crappy playoff team . Sure. But one really bad season in many and all the fickle fans are out in droves. Waa Waa. Somebody call the Waambulance for these folks. Wow.

Kevin Stanfield There is no quick fix to this mess. If we had a bunch of talented young players, like we had in the mid 80's there would be something to look forward to. But there is very little talent on this team and there is nothing in Rochester, as they were one of the worst AAA teams.

Wayne Petersen Autographed memorabilia? I hope there's not an outbreak of "bilateral wrist weakness" as a result. Someone could get hurt.

Mike Taylor Are you selling Thome uniforms?

Darcy Wennes Everyone who brings a bottle of Head and Shoulders or Gatorade gets in for free.

Erik Lindstrom The real sparkplug of the team is Morneau, and he's likely never going to be the same. That leaves Cuddyer as the most reliable player on the team, and he'd bat 8th for the Yankees. I love what he does for the team, but they ask too much of him.

Shane Palmquist For everyone who piles on the Twins and Mauers contract. GET OVER IT!!!! This deal was not a baseball deal, it is and was a public relations move. If we didn't sign him can you imagine the backlash? Furthermore when Joe is on HE"S ON AND ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS in MLB. I find it real funny. In 2009 all the experts said he has the best swing in the majors. Now after playing hurt all year he's not even in the top 10. NEWSFLASH!!! HIS SWING DIDNT CHANGE!!!!!

Scott Rise I love the Twins even have season tix & renewing next year. It has been a rough year to say the least. I think they should give away free beer for the rest of the year. In hopes it would dull the pain of the rusty dull blade being wrenched into our bleeding hearts or at the very least maybe blur our vision enough so we don't know who is losing.

Luke Neuville I love the Twins, always have, always will.

Joseph Kurr Inside scoop alert: I heard there's going to be a touching ceremony in the outfield wherein the entire team REPLANTS THE TREES!!!

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