Fans are extremely frustrated with Andrew Wiggins

Fans want a lot more from their maximum contract player.

Mention Andrew Wiggins' name in a conversation with a Wolves fan and there's a good chance you get a response filled with frustration. 

Despite being the sixth-youngest player in NBA history to reach 6,000 points, the 23-year-old probably faces more criticism than any other Minnesota athlete, and the criticism was on full display following the Wolves' home loss to the Celtics Thursday night. 

In my opinion, pounding on Wiggins after a night matched up with elite defender Jaylen Brown is poor timing, but I understand where fans are coming from. Wiggins is a former No. 1 overall pick and he's fresh into a max contract that will pay him between $25-33 million annually through the 2022-23 season. 

Criticism comes with big money, just ask Joe Mauer. But try to make a case for Wolves fans to remain patient and you'll likely be tossed into the fire. Trust me, I know after sending out this tweet last night. 

Responses included:

– "Brown is a second year player with heart. Wiggins is a 4th year BUM." 

– "Really, our max contract player had a good defender on him so it's ok for him to suck?"

– "Shoot me a note when Wiggins plays well for more than a 2 game stretch. I'll be on the hate wagon until then." 

– "Hell no! Wiggins is the laziest #1 overall pick ever! I don't care who is guarding him he should ALWAYS dominate." 

– "Yeah he's a bust like Derrick Williams or Wes Johnson."

The pressure on Wiggins is greater now than ever before because he's supposed to be the man stepping up while Jimmy Butler is out with a knee injury. What's more, a fanbase that hasn't had a taste of the playoffs in 13 years sees the standings and that the Wolves are very close to falling out of the top eight in the Western Conference.


Wolves could lose next 8 games and fall out of the playoff race

Things aren't about to get easier, either. Minnesota's next four games are against the Warriors, Wizards, Spurs and Rockets. Lose all four and there's a high chance they're on the outside looking in at the playoffs again. 

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