Fan's longshot and LeBron's celebration equal bonanza for Mpls. agency


A Minneapolis ad agency hit a home run -- on a basketball court.

Bolin Marketing arranged for a client, the maker of Carmex lip balm, to sponsor a contest at a Miami Heat game. During a break in the game a fan donned a Carmex hoodie and took a shot from half-court for a chance at $75,000.

The dude pulls a shocker and goes old-school by launching a George Mikan-style hook shot. All net.

Heat star LeBron James, whose foundation also gets a donation as a result of the swish, is so impressed and overjoyed he leaps into the man's arms and bowls the guy over. The pair laughs on the floor at center court while the crowd cheers.

But here's the best part if you're Carmex or Bolin Marketing. The video of the shot and LeBron's exuberance not only makes TV highlight shows, it goes viral. To the tune of 5 million views on the NBA site alone, the Business Journal reports. That's a lot of eyeballs on your Carmex hoodie. And nothing but net for your marketing firm. But, as the Business Journal suggests, a bigger logo next time wouldn't hurt.

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