Fantasy Island: Fans to pick 2014 Pro Bowl squads

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Adrian Peterson dodging a hulking Jared Allen on the way to end zone?

That play could be called as early as this January.

The NFL Pro Bowl is getting a major makeover, which were announced by the league today.

For starters, the AFC vs. NFC format has been canned. Instead, a pool of 86 players will be determined by fan voting.

After that, two fans, who have shown their expertise in fantasy football, will help pick the final teams. That means it could be Viking vs. Viking on a given play, or Packer vs. Packer, etc...

Other changes include two-minute warnings in all four quarters to increase the likelihood of quarterback two-minute drills, which the NFL says are "especially exciting for fans."

The official line from Commissioner Roger Goodell: "We think these changes will enhance the game for both fans and players."

The game is set for Jan. 26. As puts it: the changes can’t make the game any more -- uninteresting.

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