Favre: 'I can still make all the throws' ... 'but I don't want to get hit'

Brett Favre is going to have a cannon for an arm until he's dead.

Yesterday, Brett Favre was zipping footballs all over the field and Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford said Favre could start in the NFL if he wanted to.

TMZ Sports talked to Favre today and he's perfectly fine staying retired.

"No. It would be no," Favre said when asked if he would return to the right team. "I don't disagree with my arm strength. I can still throw it ... I may not throw it as far, but I don't want to get hit. I'm 47 years old and I realized after I retired that I started feeling a little bit better. I know they're going to hit me. I always make the joke, 'if they promise they won't hit me I'll play.' I think they'd love to take a shot at a 47-year-old guy."

Favre hasn't played since getting concussed in a Vikings-Bears game at TCF Bank Stadium way back in 2010.

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