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Favre to sling pain cream in new ad campaign


He's convinced America that Wrangler jeans are cool (well, at least he's convinced Packer fans that they're cool).

Now, ex-Viking quarterback and Green Bay legend Brett Favre is moving onto a new advertising venture.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Favre is set to pitch a product called RX Pro pain cream, which is available only by prescription.

Favre, in a recent interview on SiriusXM radio, said he's so impressed with RX Pro, that he's invested in World Health Industries, the Jackson, Miss., company that makes it.

The cream does not appear to be FDA approved, but the president of the company that produces it said it has no ingredients that are banned in the NFL.

Favre maintains the cream is safe, and says he puts it on his ankles to erase pain and discomfort from years of play.

"I really believe in this product," Favre said, adding that he believes it will revitalize football players and other athletes who are hit with injury.

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