Favre: Winning high school title 'pretty close' to Super Bowl


Brett Favre has two football championships under his belt.

His first came in 1997 when he guided the Packers over the Patriots in the Super Bowl. His second came last Friday when Oak Grove High School defeated Tupelo 14-7 to win the Class 6A Mississippi state championship.

“I can’t say it’s a Super Bowl,” Favre told the Hattiesburg American, “but it’s pretty close. It really is. It’s a different kind of feeling, but I’m awfully proud of these kids.”

Favre is the offensive coordinator for Oak Grove, whose quarterback passed for 44 touchdowns and more than 4,000 yards this season.

The game was decided in the third quarter on a fake field goal touchdown pass. Favre isn't taking credit for that, via the New York Daily News.

"That was all the special teams' coach," Favre said. "I don't call trick plays."

This is how Jenny Vrentas describes Favre the coach at MMQB.com.

Favre considers himself to be a low-key coach, which holds true until McCarty improvises and checks out of the play call. “Run the play I called!” Favre always bellows. Yes, Mike Holmgren, Favre sees the irony. “I realize how much of a pain I was [as a player], thinking I knew it all,” the gunslinger admits. “Of course, I still think I knew it all. But all the things the coaches said to me, I’ve said the same thing: Don’t force it into coverage, take what they give you, keep it simple.”

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