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Fitzgerald says he dropped $15K as part of rookie 'hazing'


Hazing is a hot topic in the NFL right now.

With Dolphins' offensive lineman Richie Incognito being suspended indefinitely for among other things, leaving a racially insensitive message on teammate Jonathon Martin's voicemail, NFL stars are weighing in left and right on how far is too far.

Dolphin teammates have said the locker room atmosphere there is fine, with some, including receiver Mike Wallace, even saying Incognito is a "great guy."

Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen also came to Incognito's defense, saying hazing is a "rite of passage" and that Incognito has a "good heart."

Minnesota native and Arizona Cardinals standout Larry Fitzgerald is making the rounds, and told Jim Rome today that he spent nearly $15,000 dollars his rookie season as a part of the hazing he experienced when he came into the league.

Fitzgerald says that no rookie is above normal NFL hazing, but also said there's no place for some of the things Incognito said.

Here's Rome's full interview with Fitzgerald.

Fitz also went on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network today to discuss hazing, among other topics surrounding his Cardinals.

UPDATE: Reports say that Miami coaches wanted Incognito to toughen up Martin. Regardless of opinions, it gets uglier for the Dolphins.

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