Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher raves about Vikings running back Dalvin Cook

"He loves ball. He lives for it. If he can breathe he's going to be on that field."
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The full abilities of Vikings rookie running back Dalvin Cook have yet to be unleashed, but anyone who watched him break records at Florida State knows he's dripping with star potential. 

Cook's head coach at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher, glowed when talking about Cook during an appearance on GoMN's One Hunnit Podcast. Here's the portion of the chat strictly about Cook. 

"There's nothing he can't do," Fisher said of Cook. "The guy loves ball, man. He loves ball. He lives for it. If he can breathe he's going to be on that field." 

Fisher described Cook as the "ultimate competitor." 

"Some guys move the sticks, other guys change the numbers on the scoreboard. He can change the numbers on the scoreboard." 

Is Cook comparable to Atlanta Pro Bowl running back Devonte Freeman? (Freeman played at Florida State and went to the same high school in Miami as Cook)

“Dalvin would be more explosive on the top end, when Dalvin got in space he ran away. Dalvin was crazy fast," he said. "You think of them as little guys but they're really stalky and they run really well between the tackles. They're not just outside runners. Both of them are extremly productive and you can use them out of the backfield." 

What about Cook screams greatness?

"That's the thing about him. He's super talented, but this guy works at the game. I've never been around a player who knew his body as well as he did. When it was hurting, when it needed rest, when something was going to pull. He would work out so much. He loves everything about football, he didn't just love to play. Loved to work out, loved to watch film, loved to practice, loved to understand the whys of the game. When you do that with great ability, it's hard not to be a great player.

"You'll be glad you got him on your team. I promise you that."

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